17 June 2010

BBQ Sauce: Bull's-Eye Guinness Draught Beer Blend

Having some readily available grocery store brands in your condiment ledger is important;  walking down the "ketchup aisle" and being able to pick out the keepers from the crap is a true life skill. 

While I remain salty with Bull's-Eye for discontinuing one of the most unique BBQ sauces on the grocery store circuit (Raging Buffalo*), I respect the brand as one of the better retail sauces available.

FLAVOR - Smooth, creamy hickory and molasses, with a hint of chocolate and a delicate tang
CONSISTENCY - Medium thickness with silky texture
APPEARANCE - Chocolate brown with visible pepper specks
SMELL - Earthy, rich hickory with a suggestion of molasses
AVAILABILITY - Readily available

INGREDIENTS -Tomato puree (water, tomato paste), sugar, vinegar, beer (water, malt, barley, roast barley, hops, yeast), molasses, brown sugar, modified food starch, salt, mustard flour, dried onions, spice, natural hickory smoke flavor, dried garlic, caramel color

The Guinness Draught Beer Blend is handy.  It's a great stand-alone sauce (perfect on burgers, dogs, even ribs or chicken) or it can be used as a unique base for homemade sauces.  You don't really taste the Guinness per se, but there is a noticeable, unprecedented hickory/malty/chocolate-y flavor that is yummy-yummy.

*To be reviewed

Image: mast01, by Elton Designs

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