16 June 2010

BBQ Sauce: Original Open Pit

Epicurious.com brutalized Open Pit in their barbecue sauce taste test back in early May.  We at TCB feel Open Pit got the shit end of the stick (especially since this sauce introduced us to our condiment addiction way back in the high school cafeteria).

FLAVOR - Powerful vinegar tang (this is one tangy sauce!), with a noticeable tomato base and a spicy, piquant finish
CONSISTENCY - Thin sauce, but not over-watery
APPEARANCE - Deep auburn / red, particles of pepper and tomato are visible when spread
SMELL - Enduring shock of vinegar and tomato, with a suggestion of onion or onion powder
AVAILABILITY - Readily available

INGREDIENTS - HFCS, water, distilled vinegar, tomato puree (water, tomato paste), salt, modified food starch, soybean oil, hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, spice, onion powder, dehydrated garlic, artificial tomato flavor, natural and artificial flavor, artificial color (yellow 6, red 40, blue 1, titanium dioxide), caramel color

As noted, we've been enjoying Open Pit at both restuarants and home for years.  A little known fact that we've managed to uncover...there are two versions of the sauce: the retail version (available in grocery stores, distributed by Pinnacle Foods) and the commercial version (served in restaurants, distributed by Kraft Foodservice).  We prefer the commercial Open Pit and we're working our inside sources to procure some for review.

We've had greater success using Open Pit uncooked (the vinegar tends to overwhelm dishes when the sauce is heated).  It's great on veggie burgers, pizza and meatloaf. The Open Pit clan also includes some submitted variation recipes on their website.

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