22 June 2010

Miscellaneous: Salsa Negrita

I spend a lot of time in El Salvador; when the family who cooks for me realized how much I enjoy salsa negrita, they started leaving it on the table for every meal.

FLAVOR - Smoky vinegar tang, with an overall silky sweetness
CONSISTENCY - Thick and rich, with a very subtle grainyness
APPEARANCE - stark brown, almost to the point of black

SMELL - worcestershire & balsamic odors with an earthy undertone
AVAILABILITY - Limited availability

Agua, azĂșcar, especias, vinagre, sal, harina, color caramelo

There is some cultural confusion when it comes to salsa negrita.  Specifically, I'm don't know exactly what it is.  The name means "bold sauce,"  but the bottle also calls it salsa inglesa (English sauce).  Salsa inglesa is the Spanish term for worcestershire sauce, but salsa negrita is different from any of the other salsa inglesas I've tried.  ¡Esto es loco!

Whatever the hell it is, salsa negrita is good stuff.  I've had it on just about every Central American dish there is.  Apparently, you can get it in some latino-centered grocery stores and bodegas in the States, but I have not independently confirmed this rumor.  There's also some internet evidence of salsa negrita being on the menu at several restaurants.


  1. The picture is so racist. I don't understand how this is okay

    1. your opinion doesn't matter.
      That is the best sauce in the world, with its virtues and defects, it is what it is.
      You have never tried the original, your crystal generation should go cry and have an opinion elsewhere.