29 July 2010

BBQ Sauce: FunniBonz Original

I wanted to give some condiment love to a Jersey-based sauce I've been enjoying lately.  Funnibonz hails from West Windsor, NJ...where, according to their website and label, they've adopted a BBQ/365 philosophy.  As a guy who shovels a path to his Weber (before doing the walk) every winter snowstorm, I dig their style!

FLAVOR - Heavy sweetness, with a smoky vinegar middle and a spicy, black pepper finish
CONSISTENCY - Medium thick yet smooth; coats food particularly well
APPEARANCE -  Deep reddish-brown with black pepper flecks

SMELL - Smoky vinegar with a sweet/smoky middle
AVAILABILITY - Available (also at Mid-Atlantic region Whole Foods and NJ King's)

INGREDIENTS - Ketchup (tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, HFCS, corn syrup, salt, spice, onion powder, natural flavoring), sugar, tomato paste, spicy brown mustard (water, vinegar, mustard seed, salt, spices, turmeric), molasses, salt, honey, liquid smoke, spices, onion powder, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, garlic powder, tamarind extract

A few things about this sauce really stand out.  First, I'm really liking the ingredient list.  There are a ton of ingredients, but very few unnatural ones (save for the HFCS, "natural flavoring," etc.).  Also, the Funnibonz crew have included a few unexpected sleepers like apple cider vinegar, tamarind extract and...wait for it...spicy brown mustard.  Not sure if I've ever seen spicy brown mustard in any BBQ sauce, outside of South Carolina Mustard Sauces.

Second, the food coating potential of Funnibonz is phenomenal.  It coats food extremely well and holds that coating, which is a must for ribs.  Mmmmmmm....ribs.  I usually concoct my own rib sauce, but I used Funnibonz on my last batch and they were delicious.  Their website also lists some other recipe ideas.

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