22 July 2010

Hot Dogs for Diplomacy

photo credit: Michael Appleton for The New York Times

New York Mayor Mikey Bloomberg was spotted outside Penn Station yesterday with newly appointed British Prime Minister David Cameron. The two enjoyed a few Sabrett's dirty water dogs. Reports are still outstanding* as to what condiments they got, but I'm guessing it was a strictly spicy brown mustard affair, not wanting to overload Cameron's British palette with onions, kraut, relish or even chili...

This would not be the first time Mikey used NYC street cart dogs as the proverbial olive branch. Check out the brief video below from his campaign, and note the change up from "dirty water dog" above to the classic coal grilled dog below. (Also of interest to note he orders hot sauce with his chicken wings...)

Via The New York Times

*EDIT:  Looks like TCB called it!  Cameron ordered a plain dog.  Further reports indicate that the Mayor used mustard...and left the tip.

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