04 August 2010

Marinade / Finishing Sauce: Consorgio Garlic and Balsamic Marinade

Consorgio Roasted Garlic and Balsamic was one of the first marinades I ever used, and it got me a lot of grill compliments in college.  While the Consorgio brand has been dead for several years, their line of products was taken over by Annie's Naturals for a time.  With great sadness, I must report that Annie's has decided to discontinue the entire line of Consorgio marinades, with no foreseeable plans to resurrect this great product.

FLAVOR - Sugary sweet balsamic with a smooth roasted garlic middle and a hint of sesame
CONSISTENCY - Very thin, slightly grainy
APPEARANCE - Caramel brown with black specks

SMELL - Tangy balsamic with very subtle hint of garlic
AVAILABILITY - Discontinued

INGREDIENTS - Water, sugar, roasted garlic paste (fresh roasted organic garlic, olive/organic soy oil), distilled vinegar, organic expeller-pressed soy oil, corn syrup, salt, roasted garlic oil (organic soy, natural oils and essences extracted from fresh roasted organic garlic), balsamic vinegar, spices, xanthan gum

I used the Garlic and Balsamic marinade almost exclusively on chicken.  Specifically, on chicken tenderloin sandwiches, with lettuce, tomato and a healthy splash of fresh marinade over the top.

If you happen to find a bottle of the Annie's Consorgio in the dark depths of your local grocery store, scoop it up!  I plan on closing out Summer 2010 with my last remaining bottle, seen above. 

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