30 August 2010

Sweet Baby Ray's in Chi-Town

Instead of doing our weekly Monday Sweet Baby Ray's review, TCB would like to present some evidence from our recent Windy City Condiment Road Trip (the hometown of SBR).

Exhibit #1 (see above):  This little pic jumped out at me during a late-night convenience store run.  I didn't know SBR produced a marinade, let alone a teriyaki sauce (there's no evidence on their new product page).  Because I saw this bottle at an inconvenient time (4AM + Jaeger Bombs + new SBR bottle = empty SBR bottle, followed by projectile vomiting), I didn't pick up a bottle, so I can't report on its awesomeness.  Disgraceful to the trade, I know.

Exhibit #2:  Now Ray and his boys are just screwing with us.  Sweet Baby Ray's Beef Jerky?!  Original flavor (implying other delicious flavors are out there somewhere)?!  I don't travel much in Middle America, so I'm not sure if this is just a Chicago thing, but c'mon, Ray.  Share the wealth!

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