24 September 2010

Marinade / Finishing Sauce: Bittersweet Herb Farms Smoked Maple Chipotle

This entry to The Condiment Bible is another hold-out from my summer working in a pool supply store.  We used to keep the Bittersweet Herb Farm sauces up near the register (where it was easier to sneak delicious nips of smoked maple chipotle goodness).  The sauces came in long, skinny Bellisma bottles (they still do, just a little shorter).

FLAVOR - Sweet and salty, with a smoky pepper middle and a nutty spice finish
CONSISTENCY - Fairly thin, with large pieces of what must be smoked
jalapeño (chipotle)
APPEARANCE - Steak sauce brown, with visible black specks and lighter chunks
SMELL - Nutty, earthy scent with a tinge of vinegar

INGREDIENTS - Tomato puree (water, tomato paste, citric acid), molasses, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), water, pure maple syrup, nutritional yeast, natural hickory smoke flavor, chipotle powder, herbs & spices

This finishing sauce is FANTASTIC.  It has a full complexity of flavors that really satisfies the palate.  Before I read the nutrition facts, I was certain there were peanuts mixed in there (there is a distinctly pleasant nutty taste).  I also can appreciate the all natural ingredient list.

I've enjoyed the Smoked Maple Chipotle Finishing Sauce over a variety of food, but my favorite is over eggs.  I've also used it as a stir-fry sauce and a dipping sauce for grilled chicken kebabs.  The label lists a number of other pairing suggestions, as well as a baby back rib recipe.

Special thanks to Kim from Bittersweet Herb Farms for the free sample.

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