08 May 2013

Mustard: Great Value Southwest Spicy

Look at this bottle of mustard. Would you just look at it? It screams, "MEDIOCRITY" and is recognizable as Walmart standard-issue, with the generic blue and white "Great Value" logo.

Absolutely nothing about Great Value's Southwest Spicy Mustard's packaging suggests that it's THE BEST CONDIMENT WE'VE TRIED IN AGES. Seriously, no foolsies; this unexceptionally-packaged mustard is insanely good!

Great pull by fellow saucier "ironman." 

FLAVOR - Sweet opening, followed by a mild tang & a burst of southwest flavor (notes of cumin and turmeric) with a mild-to-moderate heat finish
CONSISTENCY - Thick & slightly gloppy; small but noticeable chunks of pepper
APPEARANCE - Reddish yellow, with large red/green pepper bits
SMELL - Vinegar tang with an earthy mustard undertone & a bit of "southwest"
AVAILABILITY - Readily available, Walmart (also, see note below for branded version)

Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Dehydrated Red And Green Bell Peppers, Natural Flavor, Paprika, Turmeric

Please, please, please...don't underestimate the awesomeness of this mustard. I've been noticing and ignoring this bottle in the Walmart condiment aisle for a while. Huge mistake! It's excellent, it costs $2 and after less than 24-hours of taste testing, I can comfortably predict that it will be a staple on my fridge door.  

It's an agreeable hybrid between a regular mustard, a honey mustard (definitely some sweetness in there) and a specialty mustard (the southwest flavor). So far, I've only tried it on a sandwich (sliced chicken, Jarlsberg, Arnold potato bread)...and thrown back a few straight shots...but I'm looking forward to trying it on hot dogs, brats and burgers.

Note:  Great Value is a Walmart house brand, thus it's products are not produced by Walmart. Southwest Spicy Mustard is actually produced by Koops' Mustards...it can also be purchased as Koops' Arizona Heat.

Koops' is a division of Olds Products, the self-appointed "recognized leader in store brand mustards." On their Private Label page, we noticed that their mustards are available in a variety of packaging formats:

That's right, tankers. Of mustard. Awesome.


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  2. Hahaha! "Tankers" of mustard. That is THE best thing I've read all day.