27 June 2010

BBQ Sauce: Richard's Mild Barbecue Sauce

Sometimes I'm scared of buying a new condiment.  There's a lot of bottled garbage out there, and I'm sick of getting burned.  But picking a winner from the masses makes it all worthwhile.  Much condiment love to MG for finding this winner.

FLAVOR - Strong tomato ketchup flavor, rounded out with vinegar; hints of garlic and onion and finished off with a mild but noticeable cayenne kick
CONSISTENCY - Thick, with whole nuggets of garlic and onion
APPEARANCE -  Brownish, rusty red

SMELL - Mild vinegar and tomatoes, with a hint of smoky sweetness I'm guessing is the tamarind

INGREDIENTS - Tomato puree, corn syrup, vinegar salt & natural flavors, brown sugar w/ molasses, worcestershire containing caramel color, anchovies (contains soy), tamarind, aged cayenne red pepper mash (aged red peppers), xanthan gum, spice extract, distilled vinegar, onion, garlic, cayenne, salt, other spices

I've only had this sauce for a weekend, but I've tried it on a grilled chicken wrap, chicken tenders and in a condiment sandwich.  It's delicious, and a much needed change from the omnipresent Kansas City style sauces.  Richard's website has a bunch of different recipes and two other versions (hot and hottest) for sale.

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