28 June 2010

Ketchup: Linda Catchup [sic]

When it comes to ketchup, I'll take a knee and kiss the Heinz family ring like everyone else in the civilized world.  But every so often (usually outside the USA), I like to mix it up and try a random bottle.  Plus, I've heard of "ketchup" and "catsup," but never "catchup!"

FLAVOR - Sugary sweet tomatoes, with a barely noticeable hint of vinegar
CONSISTENCY - Thin, but not quite watery
APPEARANCE -  Typical ketchup red, minuscule shreds of tomato visible when spread thin 

SMELL - Pure tomato, very similar to opening a can of crushed or pureed tomatoes


This bottle of Linda Catchup was procured at a small shop located in Hinche, Haiti.  The only bottle label is the one visible in the pic, so the country of origin is a mystery.  I've tried it on all the usual BBQ fare (hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken, etc) as well as traditional Haitian food like kabrit.  After eating Heinz for so long, it's amazing how another ketchup can taste so different and delicious.

I don't expect anyone to find Linda Catchup easily, but I encourage you to move beyond the boilerplate every once in a while.

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