09 September 2010

Subway BBQ Sauce

Apologies for the lack of posts lately.  I've been busy with some serious condiment scouting, and hope to have some new reviews up next week.

Sometimes I eat at Subway.  Much like Qdoba isn't really Mexican food, I don't consider Subway to be a sandwich shop...but I still heart both joints.

My go-to Subway sandwich:
  • A foot-long turkey on wheat, heavy onions, sweet peppers, banana peppers and pickles.  Plus BBQ sauce.  Lots and lots of BBQ sauce. 
The Subway BBQ sauce is excellent!  It's perfect for a wide variety of Subway subs.  I'm honestly not sure how it would perform outside the restaurant, but no matter.

TCB wants to know which BBQ Subway restaurants use.  Google was less than helpful and Subway customer service would not disclose "franchise agreement recipes," whatever that means.  If any TCB reader is friendly with their local Subway journeyman and can elicit this information, please contact me:

condiment.bible [at] gmail [dot] com

Note:  Not all Subway's offer BBQ sauce.

Image:  Subway, by Jeremy Brooks

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  1. I find Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce tastes really close to Subway's BBQ sauce.