29 May 2014

Reddit Condiment Exchange

The Condiment Bible is participating in the redditgifts Condiments 2014 exchange!

redditgifts organizes "Secret Santa" style exchanges with various themes between Redditors.  Once you sign up for an exchange, you're matched with a giftee (who provides some basic info about their condiment likes and dislikes) and a gift-giver.  You send your giftee some bottles of awesome...and hope your gift-giver is not a Vegemite-lover from down under!

TCB started with a New Jersey motif for our gift and went with the FunniBonz Original BBQ sauce, which has a great flavor and phenomenal thickness.  We also included another Jersey bottle of Hank Sauce Camouflage Hot Sauce, which was the best condiment we discovered last summer (review coming soon).  This vinegar-based hot sauce has a mellow heat and a fresh, admirable cilantro flavor.

Finally, since our giftee enjoys "Asian style sauces," we threw in a bottle of Bone Suckin' Yaki, the teriyaki/balsamic hybrid that holds a special place in our condiment hearts.

Once TCB receives our gift, we'll be sure to post.

1 comment:

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